Mother of Light Center


Help the poor, needy and homeless men and women in our surrounding area to build lives of stability, meaning, and hope for the glory of God and the salvation of souls.



​With a coordinated approach and the assistance of volunteers and others in our community, we are dedicated to love and serve men and women who are poor, needy, and homeless.  We provide spiritual help, encouragement, support, and information they need by establishing relationships. We help them to identify their talents and potential, redirect their lives, find jobs, find permanent housing, and most importantly, discover how much God loves them.

The central work of Mother of Light Center (MOLC) is to

faithfully pursue a relationship with each individual whom God brings to our encounter.

MOLC Board of Directors

Fr. Mathew Zuberbueler

Deacon Gerard-Marie Anthony

Matilde Alvarado

Marcella Hadeed, Board Secretary

Elizabeth Currier, Chair

Dan Cotter, Board Treasurer

Lawrence Holmes, Jr., Assistant Board Treasurer

Robin Huddleston, Board Member

Leslie Murphy, Board Member



Fr. Daniel Gee, Pastor St. Rita Catholic Church 

Fr. Paul Berghout, J.C.L.,Diocese of Arlington, Tribunal

Christopher C. Bouquet, PLLC

Lucy Morales, MOLC Editor

Megan Gannon, Web Master


MOLC Grand Opening