The Light-Bearers—Connecting directly with those in need

Our volunteers, the light-bearers, are available to assist the homeless, poor, and needy 6 days a week—Monday through Saturday, from 8am—4pm.  All volunteers receive basic training to welcome, inform, and orient them on MOLC ministry. Virtus training is required. Some volunteers will receive additional training in trauma response.

Activities start in the morning at the center with volunteers packaging food and care items for distribution. In the afternoon, the teams go out to the poor and unsheltered homeless—to provide food, supplies, and prayer cards, and most importantly, to connect lovingly and respectfully with each individual they meet.

The activities for visits at home involve responding to people in need, as referred by the local churches and other partners. This includes packaging food pantry items for distribution, delivering clothing, or responding to special needs on individualized, case by case basis.

We have the ability to meet guests at the Center on a limited basis and by appointment only. These appointments are for people that are referred directly by the local churches and partners. Meeting can be for assisting with social services, English as a second language tutoring, resume writing, spiritual needs and counseling.

We strive to be flexible and responsive to all the needs we might encounter.

Volunteer Opportunities and Descriptions

Inside the Center:

Supplies Team - prepare supplies for the visits

Clothing Closet Team – sort and prepare clothing for delivery

Counseling and Social Needs Appointment Team – see persons by appointment, as appropriate.

Administrative Assistance – clerical, welcome guests and check in

Event Preparation Team – help plan outings, retreats and community events

Outside the Center:

Visit the Unsheltered Team - go out to designated areas where the homeless are. Connect with them

Visit Homes Team - visit the homes of those in need with practical, social and spiritual needs

Delivery Team– delivery of food or clothing to those in need

Outside AND Inside the Center

Meal Team - prepare meals at home or church for delivery to MOLC.

Prepare snacks at center for home visits

Prayer Team - pray at home or at the Center. Join www.motheroflightcenter.com prayer network

Church Link Team - team members from nearby churches collect nonperishable food and other supplies as needed and delivers them to the Center.